It’s a stressful time right now for the whole new world!

But for our pets, it’s just another day as they are blissfully ignorant of the current world events. Perhaps it’s time to learn mindfulness from your pets!

What is Mindfulness?

Unfortunately, most of us have been taught or conditioned to react or respond to what we perceive as reality around us. When we do this, we Learn Mindfulness to Deal with Life's Challengesoften find ourselves worrying about the past or fearful about the future. Neither are natural states of being. Thankfully our pets always live in the moment, so let’s learn mindfulness from our pets!

Mindfulness is all about “being in the moment” and creating our own state of being. When we live in the moment (instead of the past or the future), we enjoy:

  • Enhanced mental clarity.
  • Improved concentration; and
  • The ability to better relate to others.

Learn the “7 Practical Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset” from the Success Magazine.

Keep reading to learn how to master mindfulness from the masters themselves.

Learn Mindfulness From Your Pets, the Masters!

Our Animals Live with Mindfulness NaturallyThe one thing most of us have at this moment is time. Spending quiet and quality time with our animals can help us fine-tune our skills in mindfulness. Our pets have this amazing ability to relax and soothe us by just being close! Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, or some other animal you love, pets naturally transfer us from the stressful chaos of our lives into being in the moment with petting, grooming, or even just cuddling with them.

I love hanging out with Clifford my horse even when he’s just grazing in the pasture. He reminds me to focus on and appreciate Mother Nature. He leads by example by living in the moment, enjoying the fresh air and the warmth of the sunshine. He doesn’t have a care in the world; especially about what tomorrow may (or may not) bring! (Click on the image to enjoy Clifford’s video!)

Want to practice mindfulness with your dog? Click here to learn more from Harvard Medical School.

Our Pets Teach Us Mindfulness and EmpathyWhat would our pets tell us if they could talk? Perhaps that slowing down and being present in this very moment will help us find the mindfulness and peace our hearts and souls crave.

“With the awareness and empathy you build while taking care of your pet’s needs, you enhance your ability to be more mindful in everyday interaction with friends and strangers alike.” All About Cats, an Online Community for Cat Lovers

Imagine how that would help your life and interactions with your co-workers, friends and even family.

Use Your Pets to Learn and Practice Mindful Meditation by Focusing on Them

Meditate with Your Pet

Use your pet to learn and practice mindful meditation by focusing on the little things about them. Softly touch them and really notice how soft their fur, feathers or coat is beneath your fingertips. Watch and breathe along with them. Lose yourself by looking in your pet’s eyes. If you’re cuddling, feel their heartbeat along with your own.

This is what means to be in the moment, just being together and enjoying a sense of calm awareness. Practice this same kind of attention and focus in other parts of your life and know you can call peace, relaxation and mindfulness to you anytime no matter what is going on in the world.

Learn how to meditate with your pet to relieve stress (yours and theirs!) with this article from the Animal Wellness Magazine!

Grooming Your Pet Helps You (and them) Release Stress and Be in the MomentStay mindful, healthy and positive!

The simple act of grooming your pet can help you (and them) release pent-up stress and enjoy being in the moment with them.

The EquiGroomer tools make grooming easy and pain-free brushing with NO pulling or damage to your pet’s topcoat or skin. Happy, relaxed pets and owners.

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