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  1. Truly an amazing product! Effective but gentle.

    My dog usually runs at the sight of a brush but he laid down and let me brush him with this brush. Just looked at it when I started brushing him and continued snoozing away. I love that I don’t have to try to scrape the hair out of the brush after.

    This was my first time getting a brush for my cat since I just adopted her. She loved it and rolled over on her back for more! She even came looking for more when I stopped to try it on the dog.

  2. I cannot emphasize how much I need this product for my Havana mix rabbit. She has the silkiest coat of fur, so much that my HairBuster comb that worked great for my previous rabbit (an American mix) and on my fosters just slips through her fur like knife to butter, and doesn’t help remove most of her fur save for any big tufts. By that point, she’s shedding big time, and would be ingesting a lot of that fur—she’s a tidy little rabbit! The Equigroomer 5″ actually helps to brush out her shedding fur, both during molts and between them. The HairBuster comb works great for lots of fur loss, but on my silky rabbit whose coat is dense and smooth, the Equigroomer is a must.

  3. An amazing experience with this tool. My cat is a medium/long-hair rescue and extremely averse to any grooming tools. With the Equigroomer, she’ll snuggle up and purr while I brush her. My only problem is it’s hard to get her other side, because half the time she’s asleep by the time I’m done the first side!

  4. Hands down the best product I have EVER used on my cats! Not only is it gentle where they absolutely love it, but they feel almost like a kitten again just after one use. Will be recommending to all of my family and friends!

  5. I’ve tried so many different grooming products for my cat, everything from slicker brushes to furminator, to grooming gloves and everything in between and she’s hated EVERYTHING. Until now. She’ll curl up on me and go to sleep purring while I groom her! I can spend 20+ minutes able to groom her with no complaints out of her and she even lets me groom her belly. I highly recommend this!