1. LINDA SWITZER (verified owner)

    Linda April 25, 2018
    Your EquiGroom package arrived yesterday, So of course I just had to try it out right away. I was astonished! Never in all the many years that I have owned horses has it been possible to remove so much hair at one time with so little effort on my part! In fact my Arabians kept sniffing the huge pile of hair to make sure that I had not slipped another horse or two in and that all
    that hair really did belong to them! The other plus side to my EquiGroom is that my mare’s skin came up so clean. I can see that my EquiGroom will be my first ” go to tool” for daily grooming.. It also was so easy to clean up after wards. My horses really enjoyed their grooming experience as they stood with their eyes half closed!

    Thank you EquiGroom for creating such a FANTASTIC Tool.
    I am going to order more for my show dogs

    Linda Switzer

    Egyptian Arabians

    Port Alberni BC Canada


    EquiGroomer 9-inchEquiGroomer 9-inch

  2. Divania Timmal-Jones (verified owner)

    Our groomer suggested this product to use for carding our dog. We received the 5-inch Equigroomer last week and already love it! We have raked SO MUCH undercoat off our Giant Schnauzer puppy. Her coat now looks and feels so much better. This grooming tool is definitely a game-changer.

    EquiGroomer 5-inchEquiGroomer 5-inch

  3. Mary

    LOVE THIS!!!
    I use the EquiGroomer on the horses I ride all the time! It is so much more effective than any other shedding blade I’ve used. It’s also great for shows because it’s a quick way to make your horse extra shiny and clean right before going into the ring. My barn friends steal it all the time because it works so well!

    EquiGroomer 9-inchEquiGroomer 9-inch

  4. Ruthanne Braha

    I am over the moon about the 5 inch Equigroomer!! It is the perfect grooming tool for Greyhounds. Coach even stood still and seemed to love the feeling of it. Cleaning his coat is paramount. Thank you for such a wonderful grooming tool. I have had 5 dogs in my life so far and I wish I had had this tool for all of them. Ruthanne Braha

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  5. Ann Pruitt

    I have to say I just used EquiGroomer on my horses (2) and 3 of my 8 dogs– boy was I impressed. The pile of dead hair was amazing– the coats, are soft, glossy and the size was just perfect for my hands. My horses and dogs really seemed to enjoy it too! Super easy to use, love the colors too. Also the WaterWisk was GREAT. I tried it at the end when giving both the horses and dogs a bath. No hesitation to go over legs and boney areas– just a joy to use. Great job on these amazing products Cheryl!

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  6. Rose

    The EquiGroomer not only works great for dogs… I use it to de-fur the carpet in the truck… just have the vacuum nozzle in one hand and in the EquiGroomer in the other…. fur easily lifted and sucked up!!

    EquiGroomer 9-inchEquiGroomer 9-inch

  7. Lisa

    Bought one for my horse..worked so well I use it on my dogs, cats and potbelly pig

    EquiGroomer 9-inchEquiGroomer 9-inch

  8. Lisa Hildebrand

    Just got my equigroomer in the mail. Used it immediately on my Boxer, and it does not disappoint. With other brushes i’ve always had to be quite aggressive in brushing her in order to get the hair out. With the equigroomer i barely had to touch her and the hair was coming out easily.

    EquiGroomer 5-inchEquiGroomer 5-inch

  9. Carol B.

    The best for all shedders. Does not cut the fur but gets out all the undercoat.

    EquiGroomer 9-inchEquiGroomer 9-inch

  10. Tracy

    I just received the 5 inch Equigroomer for my boxer. I works wonders on him, I couldn’t believe how much under coat a boxer really has. This comb is gentle on the coat and it gives you better results then the Furminator.

    EquiGroomer 5-inchEquiGroomer 5-inch

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