1. Daisy Catavolo

    My friend recommended this for my sensitive dog and I’m obsessed! This is one of only two brushes that she tolerates, and she even fell asleep while I brushed her. I got enough hair off of her to make a new dog! Her coat is noticeably shinier and sleeker now, and I missed a spot and could tell because it both looked and felt different. I’m obsessed. My cats are also fans of it. I wish I still worked with horses to get one for them too!

    EasyGroomer 5-inchEasyGroomer 5-inch

  2. Kathy Barton

    Wow! Saw this advertised and decided to try it. I have every type of brush imaginable from all my dogs over the years – always looking for something better. My dog now is a shepherd husky border collie mix and though her fur is absolutely amazingly soft and beautiful on her it is horrid around my house and on clothing. She hates being brushed with a passion and only tolerates it with constant treats. Received this brush today and she fell asleep while I used it – for an hour!!! I am thrilled!

    EasyGroomer 5-inchEasyGroomer 5-inch

  3. Bobbie Abdallah

    My Great Danes LOVE when I groom them now with the EquiGroomer tool! No more twitchy skin and having them run and hide, LOL! Thank YOU SO much!

    EasyGroomer 5-inchEasyGroomer 5-inch

  4. Deb

    Thank you so very much for developing these wonderful grooming products. My 26 yr old horse that I’ve had since he was 6 used to hate being groomed no matter what I used.. He would stomp his hoof, bite at the air & brush & try to push me away. From the first time I used your EquiGroomer he fell asleep while I groomed him. I couldn’t believe it! I use your groomers on all of my horses, dogs & cat. . Thank you again!

    EquiGroomer 8-inchEquiGroomer 8-inch

  5. LINDA SWITZER (verified owner)

    Linda April 25, 2018
    Your EquiGroom package arrived yesterday, So of course I just had to try it out right away. I was astonished! Never in all the many years that I have owned horses has it been possible to remove so much hair at one time with so little effort on my part! In fact my Arabians kept sniffing the huge pile of hair to make sure that I had not slipped another horse or two in and that all
    that hair really did belong to them! The other plus side to my EquiGroom is that my mare’s skin came up so clean. I can see that my EquiGroom will be my first ” go to tool” for daily grooming.. It also was so easy to clean up after wards. My horses really enjoyed their grooming experience as they stood with their eyes half closed!

    Thank you EquiGroom for creating such a FANTASTIC Tool.
    I am going to order more for my show dogs

    Linda Switzer

    Egyptian Arabians

    Port Alberni BC Canada


    EquiGroomer 8-inchEquiGroomer 8-inch