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  1. I’ve tried so many different grooming products for my cat, everything from slicker brushes to furminator, to grooming gloves and everything in between and she’s hated EVERYTHING. Until now. She’ll curl up on me and go to sleep purring while I groom her! I can spend 20+ minutes able to groom her with no complaints out of her and she even lets me groom her belly. I highly recommend this!

  2. Both me and my cat LOVE the brush! She sheds like crazy and has a ton of fur so she loves being groomed, but she loves the easygroomer even more than any other brush we had. I like that the blade is short and I can easily remove the hair that came off off the cat myself rather than try to scrape it out of long bristle brushes like usual. It’s comfortabe to use and is very efficient. This is definitely the best brush, better than constantly buying and replacing multiple low quality random brushes, nothing took as much hair off her as this brush 🙂

  3. I have three cats who all vary with their preferences to brushes, with one not liking being brushed at all. After seeing the EquiGroomer being used on many cats on Girls With The Dogs with success, I had to try one for myself. And I’m glad I did. All my cats took a liking to it and now using the EquiGroomer is an everyday thing. It’s very effective in removing their undercoat and pulls tons of fur. Seriously great product!

  4. The EquiGroomer really does work. As soon as I started using it on my cat the EquiGroomer really pulled up a lot of fur. My cat does stay longer than she usually does with a regular cat brush. My main concern is unlike a conventional cat brush, there’s nothing to catch or collect the fur. The fur collects at the back and gets on the floor, furniture.

  5. The best thing I’ve ever used to brush my medium-hair cat. She loves it and the amount of fur I got off of her was insane! Her coat immediately looked nice and shiny again. Even tried it on my short-hair cat and got a good amount off of him, until using this I didn’t even realize just HOW MUCH he sheds. I recommend this for every cat owner!

    I will give a tip to everyone, you actually have to push down on it harder than you think since the teeth are so small. I was afraid I was gonna hurt her but she did NOT care she loved it.