At EquiGroomer, we are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support and praise from our valued customers. Your testimonials and positive experiences with our products, such as the EquiGroomer, EasyGroomer and WaterWisk, inspire us to continue innovating and providing the best possible grooming solutions for your horses and pets. We genuinely appreciate the time you take to share your comments, as they not only help us improve but also assist other animal lovers in discovering the benefits of our products. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are thrilled to be a part of your grooming journey. Thank you for your trust and confidence in EquiGroomer—we couldn’t do it without you!

“Your EquiGroomer package arrived yesterday, so of course I just had to try it out right away. I was astonished! Never in all the many years that I have owned horses has it been possible to remove so much hair at one time with so little effort on my part! In fact my Arabians kept sniffing the huge pile of hair to make sure that I had not slipped another horse or two in and that all that hair really did belong to them! The other plus side to my EquiGroomer is that my mare’s skin came up so clean. I can see that my EquiGroomer will be my first ”go to tool” for daily grooming.. It also was so easy to clean up afterwards. My horses really enjoyed their grooming experience as they stood with their eyes half closed! Thank you EquiGroomer for creating such a FANTASTIC Tool. I am going to order more for my show dogs.”
Linda Switzer
Egyptian Arabians
Port Alberni BC Canada
“My two dogs and cat absolutely LOVE this product. My cat normally doesn’t like getting brushed because he gets physically overstimulated easily. He purrs immediately when I bring this out and will let me brush him for as long as I want. I also have a mixed dog with at least three coats and it’s helped us maintain his fur, especially during season change. The dog who doesn’t actually need to be brushed loves it the best of all of them, go figure lol.”
“Our groomer suggested this product to use for carding our dog. We received the 5-inch EquiGroomer last week and already love it! We have raked SO MUCH undercoat off our Giant Schnauzer puppy. Her coat now looks and feels so much better. This grooming tool is definitely a game-changer.”
“Just got my EquiGroomer in the mail. Used it immediately on my Boxer, and it does not disappoint. With other brushes I’ve always had to be quite aggressive in brushing her in order to get the hair out. With the EquiGroomer, I barely had to touch her and the hair was coming out easily.”
“I have to say I just used EquiGroomer on my horses (2) and 3 of my 8 dogs– boy was I impressed. The pile of dead hair was amazing– the coats, are soft, glossy and the size was just perfect for my hands. My horses and dogs really seemed to enjoy it too! Super easy to use, love the colors too. Also the WaterWisk was GREAT. I tried it at the end when giving both the horses and dogs a bath. No hesitation to go over legs and boney areas– just a joy to use. Great job on these amazing products, Cheryl!”
“I am over the moon about the 5 inch EquiGroomer!! It is the perfect grooming tool for Greyhounds. Coach even stood still and seemed to love the feeling of it. Cleaning his coat is paramount. Thank you for such a wonderful grooming tool. I have had 5 dogs in my life so far and I wish I had had this tool for all of them.”
Ruthanne Braha
“The EquiGroomer not only works great for dogs… I use it to de-fur the carpet in the truck… just have the vacuum nozzle in one hand and the EquiGroomer in the other…. fur easily lifted and sucked up!!”
“I recently bought the large EquiGroomer for my two miniature Gypsy Cobs who have been shedding quite badly for the past few weeks, I usually hate the thought of shedding tools as they always seemed quite harsh to me, but reading the reviews on this one I reluctantly thought I’d give it a try. My word was I surprised! The amount of loose hair and dirt it removed from my ponies coat was amazing. It left them so smooth and glossy looking. So taking into account the other reviews from dog owners and the fact it worked so wonderfully on my boys, I ordered the smaller size for my chocolate lab and whippet who shed like mad and hate any sort of brush! After the usual chasing and bribery, I noticed that both dogs calmed right down and actually started to enjoy the grooming process which has never happened before; relaxing even to the point of falling to sleep. If I stopped brushing they whine and tap me to proceed with the pamper session. Both my dogs now come running enthusiastically when the EquiGroomer comes out and push each other out of the way to be first to be groomed! I absolutely adore this product, the gentleness the amount of hair it removes, the beautiful glossy shine it leaves on the coat and the attractive colors. I’d like to thank whoever designed the product; its ingenious and is making my life so much easier. Will definitely be purchasing another and will definitely recommend to others in my opinion. This is the best shedding tool on the market.”
“I just purchased three EquiGroomers, two small and one large, for myself and my two daughters. I opened the parcel and immediately used it on my 6 pound Chihuahua, who sheds like crazy! I couldn’t believe the amount of hair that came off of her! It obviously doesn’t hurt at all. She remained perfectly calm and relaxed through the whole grooming. Her coat has never looked this smooth! I can hardly wait for my girls to try it on their dogs! The neighbor says she is ordering three of them for her pets now that she sees how well they work! I can safely say it’s the best grooming tool I have ever purchased. I am cleaning out my grooming bucket and getting rid of all the other tools I’ve bought. Thank You EquiGroomer!”
“Our vet used one on our dog, removing a ton of hair. We had to get one. It works well on our cats too, keeping shedding on chairs to a minimum. Running a rabbit rescue, we decided to try it on our bunnies. They love being groomed. The EquiGroomer removes a lot of hair, leaving the Lionheads looking less scruffy, and all of them looking well groomed.”
“I brushed my Bavarian Mountain Scenthound and I could not believe how much undercoat came out. And he was done with Furminator all over just 2 days before. Really nice piece of grooming tool! As a groomer I use it myself and recommend to my customers.”
Grazyna Brek-Laitinen
Lahti, Finland
“Love this! I got the 5-inch for my little Yorkshire Terrier. She absolutely loves this thing. I would recommend it for anyone who loves their pet and would do anything for them. This works way better than a Furminator and is way cheaper too. Besides a horse, I would recommend this for a dog or cat. I would say the 5-inch works better than a 9-inch. My friend got the 9-inch for her cat and her golden retriever and she said she had some trouble with it because it was too big so I got the 5-inch for her birthday and she said it was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone especially people who live on a farm!”

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