EquiGroomer Demonstration Videos

At EquiGroomer, we understand that every animal is unique, and their grooming needs vary based on their fur type and breed. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products designed to cater to the specific requirements of cats, horses, short-haired dogs, and long-haired dogs. Our demonstration videos showcase the effectiveness and ease-of-use of our products, ensuring you can provide the best possible care for your furry friends.

cat grooming videos

Cat Videos

Watch our cat demonstration videos to see how the EasyGroomer can gently remove loose hair, dirt and dander on all parts of your feline’s body, including their legs and bellies, leaving it soft, shiny, and healthy. Cats especially appreciate the EasyGroomer because the blade actually mimics a cat’s tongue.

horse grooming videos

Horse Videos

Watch our horse demonstration videos to see the EquiGroomer in action, effectively removing loose hair, dirt, and dander from all parts of a horse’s body. These videos showcase the tool’s versatility on various breeds, highlighting its ability to work well on sensitive-skinned horses and those with different coat types. See how the EquiGroomer speeds up shedding, leaves coats shiny and smooth, and makes grooming a relaxing, enjoyable experience for horses. Remember, this isn’t just a shedding tool, it’s a groomer you can use every time you groom no matter the season. Regular use will remove the dust and dander in your horse’s coat and will improve the overall quality and shine.

short haired demonstration videos

Short-Haired Dog Videos

Watch our demonstration videos to see the 5-inch EasyGroomer in action on short-haired dogs. These videos showcase the tool’s gentle effectiveness in removing loose hair, dirt, and dander from all parts of your dog’s body. The EasyGroomer’s unique blade design makes it perfect for short-haired dogs with sensitive skin, while making grooming a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your short-haired companion.

long haired dogs demonstration videos

Long-Haired Dog Videos

Discover the power of the EasyGroomer for long-haired dogs through our informative demonstration videos. Watch as the tool effortlessly glides through thick, long coats, removing loose fur, dirt, and dander without causing discomfort. The EasyGroomer’s specially designed blade is an essential tool for maintaining the health of your long-haired dog’s coat. Our groomer, along with a wide-toothed metal comb, will ensure your dog’s coat stays in beautiful condition no matter the season. See how the EasyGroomer transforms grooming into a bonding experience, leaving your long-haired companion looking and feeling their best.

Experience the difference EquiGroomer’s products can make in your pet’s grooming routine. Watch our demonstration videos now and discover the perfect products for your cat, horse, short-haired dog, or long-haired dog.

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