About EquiGroomer

Leo and Cheryl Dauphin, Founder of EquiGroomer

About Leo and Me

I never wanted a gray horse because I knew how hard they were to keep clean. But when I met Presidio, aka “Leo” and realized we were the perfect match, I took the plunge. Shortly after that dive, I discovered my fear was not unfounded. Every blanket, saddle pad, cooler and fleece (including the ones I wore) quickly became coated in white hair. And once he started shedding it only got worse. But that’s also when I discovered being a Thoroughbred cross, he naturally had sensitive skin and wouldn’t tolerate any of my regular shedding tools. After much trial and error (and a number of angry looks in my direction), I discovered that he would accept a shedding stone, but those worn down quickly, smelled like rotten eggs and left a gritty residue in his coat.

How Leo Inspired the EquiGroomer

I needed to find something that would work like a stone but hold up like a shedding blade, be gentle on his skin, comfortable for me to hold and easy to find when it invariably found its way on the ground among the stall shavings. After much experimentation, I am proud to introduce the EquiGroomer. It has solved more than just the shedding problem, it has helped Leo’s coat stay clean, shiny and soft throughout the year, which says a lot about a horse who loves a good roll in the mud.

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