5” EasyGroomer

For dogs, cats & small pets

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EasyGroomer in Action

pet grooming toolYou and your pets will both love the EasyGroomer because as you brush, you’ll not only be removing all that dead, dry, undercoat, but your pet will simply think they’re being petted. The groomer is so gentle that it never tugs on fur or harms delicate skin so it’s safe to use every day. In fact, regular grooming will help prevent mats, soften the coat and bring out the natural shine. Simply brush your pet using short strokes and firm pressure (think of raking leaves). Since the blade mimics a cat’s tongue when they groom themselves, the result will be nothing but “happy grooming!”

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Our Testimonials

I have used other undercoat rakes that did nothing. This really gets the dead undercoat out. My pup enjoys being groomed with it. He is a Sheltie with a long coat.


Wow!! At my daughter’s suggestion (she’s a dog groomer), I purchased a 5″ Equigroomer to use on our 3 house cats. I just received it today, and I’m stunned – all 3 of our cats just LOVE being groomed with it… even our ultra-shy former feral who’s still somewhat human-shy and won’t sit still for any other kind of grooming tool. Thank you very, VERY much!!

Carol T.

I saw a video on Facebook and read the reviews that it worked for dogs too. I have a Black and Tan coonhound that sheds like crazy. I ordered the small tool for her, and I LOVE it. She hates being brushed, so it’s always been a fight to do it, but she actually didn’t want me to stop when I used the EquiGroomer. Thank you for a great product!

Alisia Wilburn

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