8” EquiGroomer

For Horses, Ponies and Large Breed Dogs

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EquiGroomer in Action

horse grooming toolThe EquiGroomer gently removes dead hair, dirt and dander from your horse’s coat without scrubbing with a curry comb or creating stress and discomfort that many standard shedding blades can do. This is especially true for Thoroughbreds and TB crosses. As you brush, tiny barbs on each tooth gently grab dead, scaly hair without ever touching your horse’s skin. You’ll also be removing the dust and dirt that often cause dry skin and a dull coat. Daily use actually improves the quality of their coat. Remember, regular brushes only remove the dirt and dust that lay on top of your horse’s coat so it’s perfect for year ‘round grooming. Keep your horse’s coat in show-quality condition even if they never enter the ring. It’s also the perfect tool for removing stubborn hair from saddle pads and blankets! 100% USA Made.

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I use the EquiGroomer on the horses I ride all the time! It is so much more effective than any other shedding blade I’ve used. It’s also great for shows because it’s a quick way to make your horse extra shiny and clean right before going into the ring. My barn friends steal it all the time because it works so well!

Firstly, I’m an old school type person. “If it ain’t broke, dont fix it” kinda gal. Ive *always used curry combs to shed out my horses, and it’s worked fine for me for decades. With that being said, this is the FIRST shedding season in my LIFE that I have used an actual “grooming tool”, and the Equigroomer is now a MUST in my grooming bag! Easy to use, it requires little to no pressure or effort when using, and doesnt snag or pull on my horses skin or fur. It’s gentle AND majorly effective. It gets the fur, dead skin and dirt from underneath, and leaves my horses’ coats shiny and soft with regular use! Goodbye curry comb and hello EquiGroomer! 5 stars!!


My mini horses are wooly beasts in the winter time and it takes a long time for their winter coat to come off. This tool was simple to use and took off a lot of hair in one grooming session! It was a nice size and fit well in my hand. If you need a good shedding comb, buy this one!

Lisa Harris

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