February is the month of love and National Cat Health Month! It’s the purr-fect time to show your feline some extra love!

Below are the top 4 demands on your cat’s wish list for a happy and healthy life!

Try a new litter box for National Cat Health MonthChange My Litter!

Do you hate cleaning your cat’s dirty litter? You’re not alone!

Maybe it’s time to shop for a new litter box both you and your cat will love! From automatic, self-cleaning boxes to fashionable and hidden boxes, The Strategist by the New York magazine, has got you (and your cat) covered!

Click here to check out the top 9 litter boxes of 2019 according to veterinarians and rescuers.

Spoil Me with the Best Healthy Treats!

All pets enjoy yummy treats including your resident cat! The best (andNational Cat Health Month means high quality protein treats healthy) kitty treats contain:

  • High-quality animal protein instead of by-products or meat meal
  • No added fillers:
    • Corn, wheat, soy, sugar or sweeteners or sodium
  • No added artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes:
    • BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin; glycerin (vegetable glycerin is safe)

Look for natural preservatives like Vitamin E (tocopherol) and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

From freeze-dried treats to kibble toppers, fish flakes to rich, nutritious bone broth, your cat will meow with pleasure with these vetted treats!

Click here to check out the best cat treats of 2019 as recommended by veterinarians and discriminating kitties.

Want to show your love with a homemade and organic cat treat? Make your cat purr with delight with Homemade Organic Spinach and Chicken Cat Treats containing organic catnip by Sarah Lipoff at POPSUGAR Pets! 

(Note: Swap out the chicken for organic salmon or tuna instead.)

Feed a high quality diet for your cat's best healthFeed Me a High-Quality Diet!

Your cat’s diet is the foundation of his overall and optimal well-being. Following the guidelines below with help your feline enjoy a long, healthy and comfortable life.

  • Primarily high-quality animal meat/organ protein
  • Water-rich food instead of dry kibble
  • Moderate level of fat
  • Low carbohydrates (less than 10% carbohydrate calories)


Groom, Rub and Love Me!

While most cats seem to do a good job of grooming themselves, it’s still very important to regularly groom your cat.

  1. Regular brushing will help keep your cat’s fur well-conditioned with natural oils, avoid painful tangles and mats as well as keep the skin clean and irritant-free. (Look for bald patches, signs of fleas, ticks or other parasites and unusual bumps, wounds, infections or tenderness.)
  2. Daily brushing helps cut down on hairballs from excess fur.
  3. Regular grooming can help detect any potential issues early.

Both grooming and massaging will help your cat relax and naturally strengthens the bond between you.  Massaging should start with the areas your cat already enjoys being touched with slow, soft and gentle strokes down their back, slow circular motions on the shoulders, rubbing behind the ears and under the chin. While some cats hate having their paws touched, others love having the center pad of each paw gently rubbed. (It’s also a great time to moisturize dry, itchy or cracked pads too!)

Regularly groom and massage your feline

The Perfect National Cat Health Month gift!The Giftbag Your Feline Can’t Live Without!

Effectively grooming your cat needs the right tools to gently brush the hair and remove any dead undercoat without discomfort.

The EquiGroomer’s Gift Bag for Cats includes a 5” grooming tool for painlessly and easily removing dead hair, dust and coat dander. Also included is a laser pointer and cat toy for hours of feline fun! The purr-fect gift to show your cat some extra love!


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