EquiGroomer 8-Inch Horse Shedding Brush

The EquiGroomer effectively removes loose hair, dirt and dander on all parts of a horse’s body, including their legs and bellies. The EquiGroomer’s blade is especially useful for sensitive-skinned horses such as Thoroughbreds, many of which won’t tolerate the large teeth of a standard shedding blade. In fact, many actually find the grooming process very relaxing and enjoyable.

The EquiGroomer’s design allows the majority of the hair to fall gently onto the floor rather than flying through the air and onto your clothes, face and hands. When the blade fills with dirt or hair, simply blow it off or simply pull it off with one swipe.

The EquiGroomer not only speeds up the shedding process it also leaves your horse’s coat shiny and smooth. Each time you glide the blade along their coat, you not only remove loose hair, but you pull up the dirt and dander that’s hiding beneath the surface. You also help bring up the natural oils in their skin which is especially important for those horses that are bathed regularly.

Do you clip your horse? Another great use for the EquiGroomer comes after they’ve been clipped. Imagine all those tiny fragments of loose hair on your back and then covered with a blanket. Talk about being itchy! The EquiGroomer will bring those loose ends to the surface so they can be brushed off.

Your horse will appreciate the care you put into keeping his coat in show-quality condition, the concern you have for his well-being, and your interest in making him feel good every time you groom.


27 reviews for EquiGroomer 8-inch

  1. Deb

    Thank you so very much for developing these wonderful grooming products. My 26 yr old horse that I’ve had since he was 6 used to hate being groomed no matter what I used.. He would stomp his hoof, bite at the air & brush & try to push me away. From the first time I used your EquiGroomer he fell asleep while I groomed him. I couldn’t believe it! I use your groomers on all of my horses, dogs & cat. . Thank you again!

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Thanks you so much for your comment Deb! Nothing makes me happier than knowing the product I created for my horse who hated being groomed has done the same for yours. No more stress for either of you and that’s the best part.

  2. LINDA SWITZER (verified owner)

    Linda April 25, 2018
    Your EquiGroom package arrived yesterday, So of course I just had to try it out right away. I was astonished! Never in all the many years that I have owned horses has it been possible to remove so much hair at one time with so little effort on my part! In fact my Arabians kept sniffing the huge pile of hair to make sure that I had not slipped another horse or two in and that all
    that hair really did belong to them! The other plus side to my EquiGroom is that my mare’s skin came up so clean. I can see that my EquiGroom will be my first ” go to tool” for daily grooming.. It also was so easy to clean up after wards. My horses really enjoyed their grooming experience as they stood with their eyes half closed!

    Thank you EquiGroom for creating such a FANTASTIC Tool.
    I am going to order more for my show dogs

    Linda Switzer

    Egyptian Arabians

    Port Alberni BC Canada


    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Linda, thank you for such a great review! I’m so glad the EquiGroomer was everything you hoped for. Knowing both you and your horses love it make my day. Thanks again!

  3. Mary

    LOVE THIS!!!
    I use the EquiGroomer on the horses I ride all the time! It is so much more effective than any other shedding blade I’ve used. It’s also great for shows because it’s a quick way to make your horse extra shiny and clean right before going into the ring. My barn friends steal it all the time because it works so well!

  4. Rose

    The EquiGroomer not only works great for dogs… I use it to de-fur the carpet in the truck… just have the vacuum nozzle in one hand and in the EquiGroomer in the other…. fur easily lifted and sucked up!!

  5. Lisa

    Bought one for my horse..worked so well I use it on my dogs, cats and potbelly pig

  6. Carol B.

    The best for all shedders. Does not cut the fur but gets out all the undercoat.

  7. Laura

    I recently bought the large Equigroomer for my two miniture Gypsy Cobs who have been shedding quite badly for the past few weeks I usually hate the thought of shedding tools as they always seemed quite harsh to me but reading the reviews on this one I reluctantly thought I’d give it a try my word was I surprised the amount of loose hair and dirt it removed from my ponies coat was amazing and left them so smooth and glossy looking so taking into account the other reviews from dog owners and the fact it worked so wonderfully on my boys I ordered the smaller size for my chocolate lab and whippet who shed like mad and hate any sort of brush after the usual chasing and bribery I noticed that both dogs calmed right down and actually started to enjoy the grooming process which has never happened before relaxing even to the point of falling to sleep if I stop brushing they whine and tap me to proceed with the pamper session both my dogs now come running enthusiastically when the Equigroomer comes out and push eachother out of the way to be first to be groomed I apsolutly adore this product the gentleness the amount of hair it removes the beautiful glossy shine it leaves on the coat and the attractive colours I’d like to thank whoever designed the product its ingenious and is making my life so much easier will definitely be purchasing another and will definitely recommend to others in my opinion this is the best shedding tool on the market

  8. Ginger Haggerty, Boston, MA

    We bought two last year at the Equine Affaire, one for our cat and one for our horses, and we love them both! They work so well on both animals. As we slowly head into shedding season, I feel like it will be a great help!

  9. Stephanie (verified owner)

    To say I’m a little OCD about grooming is an under statement. I have purchased and used quite possibly every grooming tool out there (including other similar to the equigroomer). This is by far the best tool yet. I purchased one for my horse and loved it so much that I purchased one for my parent’s dogs. The dogs get pushy with each other over which one gets their grooming first when they see it in my hand. I’m back to purchase another one in the larger size for my horse as well!

  10. Erin Meilhammer (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough great things about the EquiGroomer. It’s perfect for my two horses and dogs 🙂

  11. Calli C.

    I have been using the EquiGroomer for a year or more now. I love this tool! Neither of my two horses are stalled so they have a deep winter coat. Needless to say this shedding tool is the best yet!

  12. Rob Macauley (store manager)

    I LOVE the EquiGroomer!

    I have carried it around in my back pocket at every race I’ve gone to and when I see someone’s horse that’s still too hairy, I show it to them, they write it down, take a quick picture of it, whatever, to go home and order.

    I know it’s written on the whiteboard at several boarding facilities I’ve been to. I should be getting a commission!

  13. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Amazing brush!! Just got both sizes today and used it on my horses WOW!!! My mare has a coat that not many brushs do a good job at getting the winter coat off but this thing got at it like nothing! ! And it works really good on my dogs! Two of my friends want one now too!! Great product!

  14. Courtney S. (verified owner)

    I bought 3 EquiGroomers for Christmas this past year. One for me, and the two others for fellow groomers. Well, it turned out 2 for me… one at home and one for work, and the other went to one of my favorite customers. She has a Newfoundland and a Bernese Mountain Dog as well as a beautiful horse. Now I need to buy at least 4 more! 2 for those fellow groomers that didn’t get a gift yet and 2 more for the owner of the doggy daycare where my shop is located! She keeps stealing mine!! Love this tool!

  15. Paula S. (verified owner)

    I love this tool. I have a full size Percheron Horse and used it for months. I can’t wait for Spring so I can use it after this winter. I am sure that it will make grooming so much easier!

  16. Jennifer Seeds

    I’m a dog groomer. I saw this on Facebook in a groomer’s group by someone else. I looked out of curiosity and watched the video. I liked the result in the video so I ordered it. LOVE IT!! It blows any other dished tool out of the water. I recommend it to my clients and peers. Awesome product and an incredible value.

  17. Mary Price (store manager)

    These are by far the best shedding tools I have ever used and I’ve been a dog groomer for almost 38 years. Whenever I let someone else try them they have to have one too. I keep having to go looking for them at other stations when I want to use them so I made them order their own. Thanks for developing them, they really work!

  18. Gay Ernst (verified owner)

    Just got my order and tried it out on my house dogs, 4 Cocker Spaniels. WOW! I am a groomer and own Dapper Dog in Bridgehampton, LI. This product works. I can’t wait to take it to the shop and try it out on other breeds. I have been in business for over 50 years and own every stripper / carder, ever made, and this is a great addition to my collection! I am sure I will be reordering shortly. I think it will sell well in the retail shop too.

  19. Michelle Juette (verified owner)

    In follow-up to my previous review, I have to order two more — I have a friend with Belgian Tervs who is now using one of mine, AND, the daycare/kennel heard me raving about it and needs one too!! That leaves me one for the house/grooming room AND one for my vehicle &/or RV depending on time of year. Can’t reiterate how wonderful this is on my two Australian Shepherds as we’re just entering the late summer/early fall coat change!! Thanks again, Cheryl!!! Great product!!!

  20. Michelle (verified owner)

    Love the product & ordered two new ones — but this isn’t just about the product. In this day & age, you can get so many things from so many places — this is about the quality of this company and Cheryl herself. My package arrived many days late — totally destroyed, in a large envelope from the USPS with a “gee we’re sorry your package got a bit beat up” note on the outside from the Post Office. I had no idea what to do — so I sent an email to Cheryl to ask and included pictures of the package. From her initial comment that mimicked mine (whoa… what a mess!!) to her immediate “you don’t need to do anything, it’s not your fault the USPS destroyed our package.. to the fact that I contacted her Friday PM after I got home and this morning (Monday) I already had a notice that my replacement package was no it’s way… well, let’s just say you don’t find people like her much anymore. Can’t recommend the products AND this company ( Cheryl!!!!) enough!! Above & beyond, and a big thank you is in order!!!

  21. Chantal (store manager)

    Just have to say that this shedding tool is the first thing I grab out of my grooming kit when I start grooming 🙂 With the bugs this year, it’s my girl’s favorite ‘scratching post’! The hair doesn’t fly everywhere, except to the floor and it’s easy to hold/use. My order was processed ridiculously fast and the customer service was outstanding (being that I am in customer service for work, that’s saying something!). Will need to order again as gifts for friends! Right now they’re using mine!

  22. Jen Preston (store manager)

    I got the set and holy cow these are amazing! I got a ridiculous amount of hair out of my short hair cat (she didn’t even try to maul me when I brushed her!!) and mini Aussie. Haven’t taken it to the barn yet because I’m so impressed with the use on my smaller critters 🙂

  23. Claudio dijmarescu

    For the first time our english mastiff enjoyes brushing. Could not believe how much hair we got from him and our lil puppy black lab mix whippet. This simple tool is great! I just have to hide it or it will get chewed up by Cozi.
    Thank you for making my dogs happier, got to try this on our 3 cats as well!

  24. Sarah C (store manager)

    I have to say it works wonders on my dog who is a pit bull/beagle mix! I think he lost a pound of hair. Amazing tool!

  25. Leslie (verified owner)

    I love the EquiGroomer! It is far and away the best shedding tool I’ve ever used. It has become a hot commodity in the barn – not only for its intended purpose as a shedding blade, but also as an effective way to clean hair and grime off the undersides of our felt saddle pads. I’ve ordered another just so that we don’t have to share! 🙂

    Leslie S., Clinton, CT
    Quarter Horse

  26. jennifer

    I’m a true skeptic through and through so when a friend of mine gave me an EquiGroomer I graciously accepted but wondered how well it would work. I have a few favorite “go-to” grooming tools that I have literally owned and used for more than 20 years so change doesn’t come easily to me and my grooming tools. However, when I began using the EquiGroomer during peak shedding season, I was surprised at how much I liked it. It was comfortable to hold and easy to use. It not only greatly shortened the shedding process but I really liked how it pulled the dirt up and away from underneath my horse’s coat. The EquiGroomer is far more than a shedding tool though. I use it for those tough dried-on dirt patches, to remove girth and saddle sweat marks, and as a finishing tool after my horse has had a bath. I should add that my horse has fairly sensitive skin so I’m very careful about the tools I use on him. I can honestly say, based on how relaxed he is when I’m using the EquiGroomer, he loves it too! I use it every day–it’s a must have. After just a few weeks, it’s my new “go-to” favorite!

    Jennifer K., East Hampton, CT
    Appendix/Quarter Horse Cross

  27. jenna

    The EquiGroomer works amazingly well! I used to dread grooming my horse, especially when she started to shed her winter coat. I would be covered in hair, and so would all of my blankets and saddle pads. When I first tried the EquiGroomer, I could not believe how much hair it removed! It gets out all the extra hair and leaves her with a soft, shiny, silky coat. No more horse hair flying everywhere! It really is a must-have for every horse owner.

    Jenna R., South Glastonbury, CT
    Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred Cross

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