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You’ve just finished bathing or hosing down your horse but before you grab that old plastic sweat scraper, let’s look at a new product that the EquiGroomer company has developed. Called the WaterWisk, it’s absolutely one-of-a-kind and the best, gentlest sweat scraper on the market today! Designed by horsewoman Cheryl Dauphin, it is much more effective than standard plastic scrapers because it can be used on every part of a horse’s body—even hocks, pasterns, head and face.

The handle, which was designed to be held like a brush, is made from naturally water-resistant Mahogany so it will never crack, shrink, or break like plastic handles often do. Compared to traditional bow-shaped scrapers, it’s very maneuverable over all parts of a horse’s body. But best of all, its design forces the water onto the floor rather than down your arm, keeping you dry.

The blade is made from tough but flexible polyurethane—the same material silk screener’s use—so it’s very effective, durable and safe at removing water from every part of a horse’s coat, even on boney areas such as hips and legs. Even better, it will never harden so you can feel good about using the WaterWisk because you’ll never having to worry about hitting a bony spot and causing both you and your horse discomfort.

If you’re looking to save time and stay dry, then you’ll definitely want to add the WaterWisk to your horse’s bathing tool kit. It not only works great at removing excess soap and water from their coat but you’ll find hundreds of other uses for it. Use it wherever you have soap or water you want to “wisk” away.

Keeping your horse’s coat clean, shiny and free from dead hair, dirt and dander is the responsibility of all caring horse owners. Adding the EquiGroomer and WaterWisk to your tool kit will keep your horse’s coat in show quality condition all year long. There are so many grooming products on the market today, but NONE with all the features, comfort and attention to the needs of horses like the EquiGroomer and WaterWisk.

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