Grooming Your Dog at Home: Do This … Not That!

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Shampoo, Towel and Dog on Floor

Whether you are experienced at grooming your dog or want to begin grooming your dog at home, the tips below will help create an easier experience for you and your dog!

Groomed Cocker Spaniel Laying on FloorGrooming your dog involves everything from regular brushing, bathing to nail trims, ear and eyes cleaning, teeth brushing and even hair trimming and anal sac expression with some K9 breeds. Regular grooming not only helps your dog look and feel his best, it is also the perfect time to examine your dog for any potential issues with his coat, skin (like hot spots or lumps), teeth, eyes and ears and /or infections or inflammations.

Next, let’s look at some great tips when grooming your dog at home! What should you do – and not do – when dog grooming?

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Grooming Your Dog at Home: Know Your Dog

Not all dogs like to be groomed, so it is important to know your dog’s preferences and tolerance at being handled during grooming. If you have a puppy, begin grooming them at an early age to avoid issues later as they grow bigger and stronger!

DO start with short sessions over time so your dog learns to relax and enjoy being handled.

DO NOT do all the grooming (bathing, nail trims, teeth brushing, etc.) at one time.

DO use lots of patience, time AND confidence when grooming your dog! Dogs take their cues from us when it comes to them feeling comfortable and relaxed. 

DO NOT groom your dog if you are uncomfortable, stressed or pressed for time.

Brushing Your Dog

Before bathing – and in between baths – regular, deep brushing will help stimulate blood circulation in the skin, distribute natural oils throughout the coat and remove dirt, dead hair and dandruff. Regular brushing also keeps shedding under control. Always brush your dog just before bathing for the best results.

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DO brush your dog at least 3-4 times a week for a great coat and to also nurture your bond with your dog. Use an appropriate brush/comb for your dog’s specific coat texture and length.

DO NOT rush brushing your dog especially if there are any mats, tangles or burrs to avoid unnecessary pain to your dog.

Bathing Your Dog at Home

Regular bathing keeps your dog’s body clean and comfortable! Be sure to bathe him for his breed and coat. After shampooing, thoroughly rinse and dry your dog.

DO NOT wash your dog too often to avoid removing natural oils and causing the coat and skin to become unnaturally dry.

DO regularly bathe your dog with a mild dog shampoo with warm water in a warm room.

DO NOT wash your dog with human shampoo products! Only use products formulated for K9s with natural, gentle ingredients.  

Does your dog hate bathing? Distract him with a “lick mat” covered with peanut butter – or another favorite snack – that sticks to the wall!

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

Nail trimming is one of the most difficult grooming tasks because so many dogs hate having their paws handled. That’s why it’s important to train puppies early.

DO use lots of patience, praise and treats when trimming your dog’s nails.  If necessary, do just one or two nails at aLong nails on a black dog's paw time to encourage your dog’s comfort. 

DO NOT force your dog if they are nervous or fearful. 

DO use a professional for nail trimming if you are nervous or fearful.

DO NOT clip large pieces of the nail to avoid hitting the quick and creating pain for your dog. Just clip the tip more often.

Refer to the AKC’s website for more information on what to do – and not do – when grooming your dog at home.

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