EasyGroomer 5-Inch Pet Shedding Brush

The 5-inch EasyGroomer is perfect for dogs, cats and other small pets. It gently removes loose hair, dirt and dander on all parts of your pet’s body, including their legs and bellies. The EasyGroomer’s blade is especially useful for sensitive-skinned animals, too. Tiny barbs on the end of every tooth grab dead, scaly hair and pull it out from the ends rather than digging down into the coat and potentially scratching sensitive skin. Because of the blade’s unique design, many pets actually find the grooming process very relaxing and enjoyable. Cats especially appreciate the EasyGroomer because the blade actually mimics a cat’s tongue.

Regular use with the EasyGroomer will produce a coat that’s soft, shiny and smooth. Not only will you be removing loose hair but also the dirt and dander that can dry out both the coat and the skin. Each time you groom, you help bring up the natural oils in their skin and enrich the coat. This is especially important for those animals that are bathed regularly or during the dry, winter months.

Best of all, you’ll be turning grooming time into quality time which you and your pets will both appreciate.


27 reviews for EasyGroomer 5-inch

  1. Maddie

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I bought mine from Amazon and it was the best decision I could have made for my cats.. Normally brushing them is a hassle but OMG THIS WAS SO EASY AND THEY LOVED IT! They have even come back for more on brushing and I cannot believe how soft they are! I am obsessed and will never buy or recommend another brush

  2. Jackie

    I got this brush as a Christmas gift and it is fantastic. I have three short-haired cats that all have different limits when it comes to brushing and they all tolerate this product amazingly well. It wildly outperforms every other brush I’ve used up to this point. It has been 3 days of consecutive brushing (which is shocking on its own) and their coats are smoother, softer, with less and less hair to toss at the end of each session. The teeth are widely-spaced enough that I can brush the area around their whiskers without fear of catching!

    I highly recommend the Equigroomer to all pet owners and animal caretakers.

  3. Riley

    I cannot stress enough how good this brush is, it’s affordable unlike many other inferior de-shedders out there, and it’s a smooth and enjoyable experience for both my cat and dog.

    My cat is a scruffy long-haired cat so she NEEDS help to be groomed, I use this in combination with the 4x more expensive Furminator, at this point the second brush is just for her mane as the Equigroomer does everything for her body fur 10x better. Not to mention the “Silky smooth” coat is no lie, she is shiny and after a week’s worth of use so silky smooth to the touch.

    Guys what you’ve made here is I can’t stress this enough, a phenomenal and yet very simple product.
    10/10 highly recommend I just can’t stress how affordable this is compared to its competitors in quality, effectiveness, and usability.

    From my animals and me to you, thank you so much, you really did deserve a glowing review.

  4. Jade (verified owner)

    Truly an amazing product! Effective but gentle.

    My dog usually runs at the sight of a brush but he laid down and let me brush him with this brush. Just looked at it when I started brushing him and continued snoozing away. I love that I don’t have to try to scrape the hair out of the brush after.

    This was my first time getting a brush for my cat since I just adopted her. She loved it and rolled over on her back for more! She even came looking for more when I stopped to try it on the dog.

  5. E M

    I cannot emphasize how much I need this product for my Havana mix rabbit. She has the silkiest coat of fur, so much that my HairBuster comb that worked great for my previous rabbit (an American mix) and on my fosters just slips through her fur like knife to butter, and doesn’t help remove most of her fur save for any big tufts. By that point, she’s shedding big time, and would be ingesting a lot of that fur—she’s a tidy little rabbit! The Equigroomer 5″ actually helps to brush out her shedding fur, both during molts and between them. The HairBuster comb works great for lots of fur loss, but on my silky rabbit whose coat is dense and smooth, the Equigroomer is a must.

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      E M, thank you so much for the great review and for confirming to everyone how safe and gentle the EquiGroomer is, especially on animals with very tender, thin or sensitive skin. Because the teeth are so short, they never come in contact with the skin. Instead, they work by grabbing the dry, scaly, rough hairshafts only, leaving the shiny, silky hair behind. Even more importantly, you remind us all the importance of regular grooming to prevent bunnies from ingesting all that fur. Since they cannot purge hairballs like cats can, a build-up of hair in the digestive system can lead to some potentially harmful issues. Thank you again and “happy grooming!”

  6. Kerri m

    An amazing experience with this tool. My cat is a medium/long-hair rescue and extremely averse to any grooming tools. With the Equigroomer, she’ll snuggle up and purr while I brush her. My only problem is it’s hard to get her other side, because half the time she’s asleep by the time I’m done the first side!

  7. Seth Orlick

    Hands down the best product I have EVER used on my cats! Not only is it gentle where they absolutely love it, but they feel almost like a kitten again just after one use. Will be recommending to all of my family and friends!

  8. Kelly (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many different grooming products for my cat, everything from slicker brushes to furminator, to grooming gloves and everything in between and she’s hated EVERYTHING. Until now. She’ll curl up on me and go to sleep purring while I groom her! I can spend 20+ minutes able to groom her with no complaints out of her and she even lets me groom her belly. I highly recommend this!

  9. angie (verified owner)

    Both me and my cat LOVE the brush! She sheds like crazy and has a ton of fur so she loves being groomed, but she loves the easygroomer even more than any other brush we had. I like that the blade is short and I can easily remove the hair that came off off the cat myself rather than try to scrape it out of long bristle brushes like usual. It’s comfortabe to use and is very efficient. This is definitely the best brush, better than constantly buying and replacing multiple low quality random brushes, nothing took as much hair off her as this brush 🙂

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Angie, we’re so glad to hear how much both you and your cat LOVE the EasyGroomer! And thank you for reminding people that products made with quality materials mean you only have to buy it once. We’ve been told by professional groomers that they’ve used the same brush for years on countless dogs and cats. No doubt the EasyGroomer you purchased will last for many, many more years. Thank you again for your great review and your support!

  10. Skylar Miles (verified owner)

    I have three cats who all vary with their preferences to brushes, with one not liking being brushed at all. After seeing the EquiGroomer being used on many cats on Girls With The Dogs with success, I had to try one for myself. And I’m glad I did. All my cats took a liking to it and now using the EquiGroomer is an everyday thing. It’s very effective in removing their undercoat and pulls tons of fur. Seriously great product!

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Skylar, thanks for the great review. When we say that cats love the EquiGroomer because the blade mimics a cat’s tongue, we really mean it! And that’s why so many cats approve! It works really well without any tugging or pulling on the coat or skin so all they think you’re doing is petting them which makes for a lot of happy grooming.

  11. Jaleesa (verified owner)

    The EquiGroomer really does work. As soon as I started using it on my cat the EquiGroomer really pulled up a lot of fur. My cat does stay longer than she usually does with a regular cat brush. My main concern is unlike a conventional cat brush, there’s nothing to catch or collect the fur. The fur collects at the back and gets on the floor, furniture.

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Jaleesa, that’s the trade off when using a brush with very short teeth. They don’t hold the fur, but they won’t scratch or irritate your cat’s skin or tug and pull on your cat’s coat like long toothed combs and brushes can. Nevertheless, we’re delighted that your cat enjoys the experience!

  12. Kathy (verified owner)

    The best thing I’ve ever used to brush my medium-hair cat. She loves it and the amount of fur I got off of her was insane! Her coat immediately looked nice and shiny again. Even tried it on my short-hair cat and got a good amount off of him, until using this I didn’t even realize just HOW MUCH he sheds. I recommend this for every cat owner!

    I will give a tip to everyone, you actually have to push down on it harder than you think since the teeth are so small. I was afraid I was gonna hurt her but she did NOT care she loved it.

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Kathy, thanks for your very important tip. The groomer definitely works better when you use pressure but so many people are afraid to press down. But when they do, they find their pets actually enjoy the feeling, just like your cat did.

  13. Sophie S. (verified owner)

    To buy an Equigroomer and have it shipped all the way to central Europe was absolutely worth it! It was my last attempt in finding a deshedding tool for my cats, that they tolerate. And they not only tolerate but love it! Even Missy, my noble cat lady, is so relaxed, she can’t even keep her eyes open when I’m using it on her. What’s more, it really does work in pulling out so much of the dead hair, I actually see the difference on my furniture.Thank You!

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Sophie, thank you for your comment and thank you for buying something from so far away. Your experience is exactly why we keep making our groomers. We designed them to be safe and gentle on our own animals and I’m so happy to hear they’ve done the same for yours, including Missy! Thank you again for your purchase and, as we like to say, Happy Grooming!

  14. Daisy Catavolo

    My friend recommended this for my sensitive dog and I’m obsessed! This is one of only two brushes that she tolerates, and she even fell asleep while I brushed her. I got enough hair off of her to make a new dog! Her coat is noticeably shinier and sleeker now, and I missed a spot and could tell because it both looked and felt different. I’m obsessed. My cats are also fans of it. I wish I still worked with horses to get one for them too!

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Daisy, thank you for your awesome review and for giving our products a try on both your dog and cats! Thank you, too, for pointing out how much better their coats feel once you remove all that dull, dry hair. Our groomers really do improve the quality of an animal’s coat, no matter the type.

  15. Kathy Barton

    Wow! Saw this advertised and decided to try it. I have every type of brush imaginable from all my dogs over the years – always looking for something better. My dog now is a shepherd husky border collie mix and though her fur is absolutely amazingly soft and beautiful on her it is horrid around my house and on clothing. She hates being brushed with a passion and only tolerates it with constant treats. Received this brush today and she fell asleep while I used it – for an hour!!! I am thrilled!

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Kathy, that’s what the EquiGroomer products are all about! We designed them so they’d not only work well but also be something you and your pets would look forward to using. I’m so glad it worked so well for you.

  16. Bobbie Abdallah

    My Great Danes LOVE when I groom them now with the EquiGroomer tool! No more twitchy skin and having them run and hide, LOL! Thank YOU SO much!

    • Cheryl Dauphin (store manager)

      Thank you Bobbie! The EquiGroomer is ideal for short-haired breeds like Great Danes. Because the teeth are so tiny, they never drag on the skin so grooming your dogs becomes a pleasure, both for you and for them.

  17. Divania Timmal-Jones (verified owner)

    Our groomer suggested this product to use for carding our dog. We received the 5-inch Equigroomer last week and already love it! We have raked SO MUCH undercoat off our Giant Schnauzer puppy. Her coat now looks and feels so much better. This grooming tool is definitely a game-changer.

  18. Lisa Hildebrand

    Just got my equigroomer in the mail. Used it immediately on my Boxer, and it does not disappoint. With other brushes i’ve always had to be quite aggressive in brushing her in order to get the hair out. With the equigroomer i barely had to touch her and the hair was coming out easily.

  19. Tracy

    I just received the 5 inch Equigroomer for my boxer. I works wonders on him, I couldn’t believe how much under coat a boxer really has. This comb is gentle on the coat and it gives you better results then the Furminator.

  20. Wendy Minarovich

    I just purchased three EquiGroomers, two small and one large, for myself and my two daughters. I opened the parcel and immediately used it on my 6 pound chihuahua, who sheds like crazy! I couldn’t believe the amount of hair that came off of her! It obviously doesn’t hurt at all. She remained perfectly calm and relaxed through the whole grooming. Her coat has never looked this smooth! I can hardly wait for my girls to try it on their dogs! The neighbour says she is ordering three of them for her pets now that she sees how well they work! I can safely say it’s the best grooming tool I have ever purchased. I am cleaning out my grooming bucket and getting rid of all the other tools I’ve bought. Thank You EquiGroomer!

  21. Carl Hursh (verified owner)

    Our vet used one on our dog, removing a ton of hair. We had to get one. It works well on our cats too, keeping shedding on chairs to a minimum.

    Running a rabbit rescue, we decided to try it on our bunnies. They love being groomed. The EquiGroomer removes a lot of hair, leaving the lionheads looking less scruffy, and all of them looking well groomed.

  22. Deanna (verified owner)

    This simple tool is amazing! It works great on dogs that don’t normally enjoy being brushed. My dog loved it! I can’t wait to use it at work on groom dogs. I’m telling everyone about how great it is.

  23. Gabi (verified owner)

    I brushed my Bavarian Mountain Scenthound and I could not believe how much undercoat came out. And he was done with Furminator all over just 2 days before. Really nice piece of grooming tool! As a groomer I use it myself and recommend to my customers.

    Grazyna Brek-Laitinen, Lahti, Finland

  24. Nihitha

    love this! i got the 5 inch for my little Yorkshire Terrier. she absolutely loves this thing. i would recommend it for anyone who loves their pet and would do anything for them. this works way better than a Furminator and is way cheaper too. besides a horse i would recommend this for a dog or cat. i would say the 5 inch works better than a 9 inch. my friend got the 9 inch for her cat and her golden retriever and she said she had some trouble with it because it was too big so i got the 5 inch for her birthday and she said it was amazing. i would recommend this to anyone especially people who live on a farm.

  25. Althea (verified owner)

    Simply amazing! If you have a furry pet you should purchase this NOW! The Equigroomer works wonders on my dog that no other brush could. My cat loves it as well and I could not be happier about my purchase!

  26. Carol T. (verified owner)

    Wow!! At my daughter’s suggestion (she’s a dog groomer), I purchased a 5″ Equigroomer to use on our 3 house cats. I just received it today, and I’m stunned – all 3 of our cats just LOVE being groomed with it… even our ultra-shy former feral who’s still somewhat human-shy and won’t sit still for any other kind of grooming tool. Thank you very, VERY much!!

  27. Alisia Wilburn (verified owner)

    I saw a video on Facebook and read the reviews that it worked for dogs too. I have a Black and Tan coonhound that sheds like crazy. I ordered the small tool for her, and I LOVE it. She hates being brushed, so it’s always been a fight to do it, but she actually didn’t want me to stop when I used the EquiGroomer. Thank you for a great product!

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