Winter Dog Grooming Tips After a Walk in the Cold

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Winter Grooming Tips after a Walk with your dog
Dog walking during the winter months comes with different grooming challenges and needs. From dry skin to embedded dirt, burrs and even salt, it’s important to properly address these seasonal issues.


Welcome to International Dog Walking Month

Dogs Still Need Walks in WinterDespite the freezing temperatures, slippery, snowy conditions and cold winter winds, the canines of our lives still need to stay physically active with regular walks even if they are shorter. Physical activity not only helps our dogs stay happy and healthy but also helps them avoid risky K9 obesity and its related health issues. But winter also creates different dog grooming needs.

Winter Grooming Essentials

It’s important to stick to your dog’s regular grooming during winter months to keep their skin and fur healthy and well-protected. Colder weather stimulates more hair and coat growth from spending time in heat (inside) and outside in the colder winter weather. It’s critical to be just as thorough with grooming your dog as you are in the warmer months for your dog’s overall health, well-being and comfort.

“There’s a common misconception that dogs don’t need to be groomed, or only groomed minimally, over the winter months. Grooming over the winter months becomes even more important to the health of your dog than at any other time of the year. Long, wet, matted hair easily makes a cold, wet, and infection-susceptible dog.

(Alyssa Hill, DogTown Groomer, Best Friends Animal Society)


Keep Brushing Your DogProper Grooming Addresses Winter Dry Skin in Dogs

  • Cold and dry air outside exacerbates dry, chafed and itchy skin for our dogs.
  • Home heating also contributes to drying out and dehydrating the skin.
  • By regularly brushing your dog, naturals oils are stimulated and distributed throughout your K9’s coat keeping it well-conditioned and moisturized. (Try our EquiGroomer grooming tools!)
  • Regular brushing also helps your dog maintain the perfect temperature for his ultimate comfort.
  • Regular brushing helps remove dead and shedding hair thereby reducing matting. Mats in your dog’s fur compromise its natural insulating abilities.


Yes, You Can Bathe Fido in the Winter!

After a romp in the woods or the city, a warm bath is a perfect way to end your dog’s walk! You can still give your dog a bath in the winter months, just follow some common-sense rules.

  • Ensure the bathwater is warm – not hot – to avoid aggravating dry orWinter Dog Grooming Requires a Fully Dry Dog Coat itchy skin on your canine.
  • Thoroughly brush your dog before a bath to remove any tangles. Soap can be left behind in tangled hair and cause irritations. Tangles can also turn into mats when wet. Matted fur does not provide warmth in the cold and can create discomfort, pain and hot spots for your dog along with other skin problems.
  • Gently brush away as much dirt, burrs, ice, salt, sand and chemicals in your dog’s coat for a better bathing experience.
  • Use the EquiGroomer WaterWisk Pet Squeegee to ensure the removal of all excess soap and water from your dog’s coat.
  • Ensure your dog is completely dry before they go back outside so they do not become chilled and susceptible to potentially dangerous hypothermia. If your dog has a very thick coat, use a blow dryer (on a mild setting) to make sure your dog’s coat is completely dry.
  • Only use a dog-friendly, mild and non-drying shampoo with a nourishing conditioner for the best overall results for your pet’s coat.

To further address dry and flaky skin on your dog, give them a gentle massage using a dog-friendly moisturizer. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your dog while relaxing and grooming them at the same time!

Dog Massage Helps Winter Dry Skin

Use the EquiGroomer WaterWisk for Winter Dog GroomingSave both time and mess when bathing your dog!

Save bathing time and mess by adding the WaterWisk Pet Squeegee to your dog’s grooming tool kit for removing excess soap and water from their coat easily and quickly.

The EquiGroomer WaterWisk is both effective and safe at removing water from even on bony areas like hips and legs. Made from cedar which is naturally water-resistant and mold-resistant. 

For individual or bulk orders, call 860-573-0604 or click here to send us an email.


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