In the world of pet and horse grooming, the focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products is increasingly becoming an important option for consumers. Below, learn how EquiGroomer is committed to protecting the planet from plastic pollution and microplastics.

Sustainable Materials: Wood and Metal

Since its very first grooming tool, EquiGroomer committed to making its handles out of high-quality and sustainable wood. This reduces reliance on non-renewable resources and promotes the health of our forest ecosystems. Using wood also keeps the grooming tool lightweight, durable, and easy to handle.

In addition, recyclable metal blades are used to avoid contributing to microplastic pollution when plastic fibers are shed during use. The metal blades are fully recyclable and are not added to our burgeoning landfills.

The EasyGroomer with Wood Handles and a Metal Bladetion

But why are these choices so important? Keep reading to learn more about plastic pollution and “forever” microplastics.

“We’re a small company, and in our own way, we’re doing what we can to protect our planet!”

(Cheryl Dauphin, Founder, EquiGroomer LLC)

Microplastics: 101

Many grooming tools have plastic parts, which, despite efforts to recycle plastic, end up in landfills for many years.

According to National Geographic, a recent study revealed 91 percent of plastic waste is accumulating in landfills or littering the natural environment!

A Large Turtle Trying to Move Over Discarded Plastics on a Beach

This is creating a mind-boggling issue for generations to come. How? Depending on its molecular compounds, plastics can take 20 to 500 years to decompose through photodegradation from the sun’s UV rays.

But plastics never entirely disappear; they just become smaller. Worse, these plastic particles (known as “microplastics,” roughly the thickness of a pencil lead (~5 mm)) can absorb toxins and continue negatively affecting the environment, including the air, water, soil, wildlife, ecosystems, and even our bodies for generations! (Source:

“It has been estimated that humans ingest a credit card
worth of plastic per week!

Studies show people “are actually eating … about 70,000 microplastic particles every year!” (Source:

No wonder it’s been said that “plastic is forever.”

Gray and White Cat Licking Water from Faucet

July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month!

With the higher summer temperatures and increased activity,
all pet owners must ensure their dogs, cats, horses, and other companion animals drink plenty of fresh, cool water!

Learn about pet hydration, how to keep your pet hydrated, the signs of dehydration and how to perform a simple skin test HERE!

Microplastics: Shocking Facts!

ZME Science reveals some shocking facts about these “forever” microplastics!

  • Millions of tons of plastic enter our ecosystems every year.
  • Creatures in our bodies of water easily ingest microplastics.
  • Every time we wash clothes, microplastics are released into the environment.
  • Microplastics have been found at the highest mountain peak, Mount Everest, and the deepest, coldest oceans.
  • If you drink coffee in a plastic cup, you ingest microplastics.
  • Plastic particles in the placentas were found in healthy, normal pregnancies.
  • Have allergies? It may be from ingested or inhaled microplastics!

We can no longer deny microplastics are invading our planet and our bodies! So how do we work toward a greener future?

Looking Ahead: A Greener Future

Protecting our planet from plastic pollution and forever microplastics requires a multi-faceted approach from everyone! We all can make a significant impact by:

  • Reducing plastic consumption.
  • Managing waste effectively.
  • Choosing natural fibers and materials.
  • Avoiding products with microbeads.
  • Supporting legislation.
  • Raising awareness and
  • Promoting scientific research.

Every step contributes to a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable planet. Our choices today will shape the future of our environment, and together, we can combat the pervasive problem of plastic pollution and microplastics.

We proudly offer eco-friendly grooming products, including our EquiGroomer, EasyGroomer, and WaterWisk. By using only sustainable and recyclable materials, EquiGroomer has never been a contributor to harming the planet.

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