Horse Emergencies: How to Build an Emergency Horse Kit!

Woman Reaching Out to Rub Horse's Muzzle

Although it’s something we’d rather not think about, emergencies happen (including natural disasters) and when they do, your horse (or any other pet for that matter) is depending on YOU to be prepared! Whether you’re riding in the backcountry, injuries happen in the barn, paddock, pasture or even the show ring, your horse needs you, his guardian, to be prepared to offer immediate help for his safety, well-being and comfort.

So how can you build emergency horse kits? Keep reading below.

Potential Horse Emergencies: Be Prepared!

In the moment of an emergency, we can forget even the simplest of things when trying to cope with stress and anxiety. By keeping a fully stocked first aid kit accessible, you can save precious time when trouble strikes!

Trail Riding Mini First Aid Kit (Amazon)
Mini Trail Riding Horse First Aid Kit (Amazon)

Also make sure to:

  • Take a mini kit for trail rides.
  • Keep another first aid kit in your barn; and
  • Keep another kit with your trailering emergency kit (see below).

While smartphone apps for First Aid are invaluable, they are only as good as the reception for your phone. So, consider carrying or posting a printed “cheat sheet” in case your phone cannot reliably access cell service when an emergency happens.

The Complete Equine Emergency Bible
can also put valuable information at your fingertips immediately!

Horse Emergencies: A First Aid Kit!

Equine Vet First Aid Kit (Amazon)
Equine Vet First Aid Kit (Amazon)

While you can purchase a ready-to-use Equine First Aid Kit online (like, it’s also easy to assemble your own with checklists and videos you can find online like the ones below.

But wait! Do you also have an emergency kit for your horse trailer? You should!

Horse Emergencies: The Horse Trailer!

Brown and White Horse Looking out Trailer Window
Brown and White Horse Looking out Trailer Window

If you’re transporting your horse(s), it’s also critical to have a “trailering emergency kit.” This kind of emergency kit for your horse trailer goes well beyond the traditional emergency kit for your horse but is just as critical if your trailer breaks down while traveling with your equine(s).

The trailering emergency kit should include:

  • Road service phone numbers.
  • Current guides (or apps) listing potential horse hotels.
  • Plenty of water for your horse(s).
  • Proper automotive tools.
  • Registration and insurance paperwork and health certificates; and
  • In the winter, items required for winter travel; and more!

The trailering emergency kit (remember to include your horse’s First Aid kit too) could mean the difference between quickly and safely resuming your trip or being stuck for hours waiting for road services, especially in bad weather. In sweltering heat or freezing cold temperatures, not being prepared could put your horse(s) at great risk!

Thanks again to, you can download a copy of the trailering emergency kit checklist here.

By being prepared before an emergency, natural disaster or injury,
you can provide the best care and attention for your horse or pet!
Do not wait until the worst happens!

Mare Being Nuzzled by a Foal in the Pasture
Mare Being Nuzzled by a Foal in the Pasture

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