This waterwisk is fantastic! We have 3 golden retrievers so after bath time usually required lots of towels and hours of dry time… using this squeege has drastically reduced both number of towels used as well as dry time.

I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did, but we took our girl to the lake and it really wicked away the water! Now, it didn’t leave her bone dry, but dry enough that she wasn’t soaked and our seats weren’t covered in water! No need for a towel at all!
10/10 would recommend!

I was reluctant to buy since the video showed a Great Dane short-haired dog, which is not the type I groom. This works for Doodles (all types), long-haired breeds (Aussies, Collies, Retrievers), and wiry-haired types (schnauzers, terriers) and spending 5 minutes using this on the dog cuts my drying time in half or better! All groomers should use these! You can even use the same towel multiple times since the dogs will not be that wet!

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