Record hot temperatures have already been seen around the country.

Use the 9 tips below to protect your rabbit from the summer heat!

Regularly grooming your rabbit not only nurtures their overall health but helps keep them cooler in the summer heat by removing their loose hair.

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When is Warm too Hot for Your Rabbit? Little Angora Rabbit

It might be a lot lower than you think!

According to the PetLife website, most rabbits can comfortably handle up to 75 degrees F (or 24 degrees C). While that is mild for us, it may not be for your beloved rabbit especially if they are Flemish Giant or Angora rabbits who are more sensitive to heat.

The Cape Coop website cautions that rabbits begin experiencing heat-related stress at 85 degrees and above. If you live in a humid climate, remember to factor in the heat index even with cooler temperatures.

Signs Your Rabbit is Overheating

White Bunny Eating Grass

  • ~ Red, enlarged veins
  • ~ Ears that are hot to the touch
  • ~ Inflamed foot pads
  • ~ Fast, shallow breathing or gasping
  • ~ Nostrils flaring
  • ~ Partially shut eyes
  • ~ Wetness around – or under – the nose
  • ~ Listlessness, lethargy or dormancy

Keep reading to learn the simple tips to protect your rabbit from the heat!

Make a DIY “air conditioner” for your rabbit!

All you need is a cheap foam cooler, small fan, some pipe, and duct tape!

9 Tips to Keep Your Rabbit Cool

  1. Place them inside – with their hutch or cage – in a protected area, preferably Rabbit in Cageon hard surfaces that are easier to clean. Cooler garages and basements are also good.
  2. Run the AC for cooler temperatures. Fans may not always be enough to cool things down (including your rabbit) in extremely hot weather.
  3. If you only have a fan, make sure it is near your rabbit’s cage, but NOT directly blowing on them all the time, and it should rotate to maximize the airflow. Make sure your rabbit has enough space to move away from the breeze if they want.
  4. Fill a spray bottle with cool (not ice cold) water and mist your rabbit all over, particularly their ears. When the mist evaporates, it will naturally lower their temperature. Do NOT submerge a rabbit in the water! According to PetLife, rabbits have been known to die from being submerged as it shocks their system and exacerbates the issue of overheating.
  5. For an outside rabbit, place a cool and damp towel over their cage to provide shade and cooling moisture. Do NOT put a damp towel on a rabbit. Gently wipe the backs of their ears with a cool, damp towel to also help them cool down. Rabbit Eating Fresh Greens
  6. Ice can also help your rabbit stay cool even when the mercury is soaring! Make sure your rabbit has a water bowl so they can get all the water they need (not a bottle with a sipper). Drop a handful of ice cubes in the water bowl and replenish as needed. Freeze some of your rabbit’s favorites treats in ice cubes too; keep them cool and busy!
  7. Another great way to cool down your rabbit is with frozen ceramic tiles. Freeze for just 15 minutes and lay them down near your rabbit to use. 
  8. Worried if your rabbit is getting enough hydration? Wash their daily greens and feed them wet.
  9. If necessary, trim away excess fur to help your rabbit stay comfortable.

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