For those who suffer from chronic allergies, non-shedding dogs are a popular choice.

But do non-shedding dogs really exist? What you need to know!

Are Yorkies Non-Shedding Dogs?

A Long-Haired Yorkie

The short answer is no. But because Yorkies don’t have an undercoat, they do not shed a lot. According to the AKC, a Yorkie’s coat doesn’t shed any more than our own hair.

Yorkies, with their fine, silky hair, do not have the same growth and shedding cycles like other dogs who tend to have bursts of hair growth followed by periods of shedding.

So are there really non-shedding dogs?

Do Non-Shedding Dogs Exist?

A Dog Brush With Some Hair

Sadly, no. Every dog sheds to one extent or another (it’s just biology!) and no canine is 100% hypoallergenic!

Here’s what is true! Some dog breeds may cause fewer allergy symptoms than others.

Did you know that human allergies are not caused by the pet’s fur? Instead, allergies are exacerbated by the dog’s dander (dried, dead skin cells) that contains a particular protein also found in the saliva, sweat and urine of both dogs and cats according to the renowned Mayo Clinic.

Are Doodles the Answer to Shedding?

Golden Doodle Puppy on Grass

Again, every dog sheds (even “hairless” dogs)! Dogs who are commonly known to be “low-shedding” like poodles still shed their hair albeit infrequently. Once considered the original “hypoallergenic breed,” the poodle’s single-layer coats do not shed much without an undercoat. 

Dog breeds including poodles and doodles were simply labeled as hypoallergenic because of the false assumption that dog breeds that do not shed hair must release less allergen.”

Back in 2012, researchers in the Netherlands and Virginia concluded that the major dog allergen (Can f 1) was highest in the hair and coat samples from hypoallergenic breeds including Poodles!

So even offspring from cross-breeding with Poodles (called Doodles), does not completely remove the risk of human allergies to dogs. While owners will probably experience less shedding from the single-layer coat of the Poodle, even these breeds are not 100% hypoallergenic.

So, what can a dog lover do?

8 Tips to Lessen Allergies to Dogs!

For those challenged with allergies who still want to have a canine in their life, medications or allergy shots may help reduce or eliminate allergies in addition to the tips below.

These 8 tips can help those with allergies keep their beloved pets in their lives and homes.

Wet Dog in Bathtub Getting Groomed
  1. Frequent bathing and/or grooming to help remove dander and dead hair. (Note: work with your vet or groomer to prevent over-drying your pet’s skin).
  2. Wipe your pet with a wet cloth of baby wipe daily.
  3. Keep pets confined to certain rooms especially those without carpeting.
  4. Every day, run a HEPA room air cleaner.
  5. Always use a HEPA-equipped vacuum cleaner.
  6. Frequently replace heat and air conditioner filters and vents more often.
  7. Steam clean carpets and upholstered furniture often.
  8. Wipe down all hard surfaces often.

So, while some dog breeds may help those living with chronic allergies, keep in mind that no dog is

100% hypoallergenic or non-shedding.

So, while some dog breeds may help those living with chronic allergies, keep in mind that no dog is

100% hypoallergenic or non-shedding.

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