When domestic pets, dogs and cats, are not properly brushed, uncomfortable even painful “matting” can occur. Learn how pet matting happens and more importantly,
how you can prevent it from happening to your beloved pets!

What is Pet Matting?

Regular Brushing Helps Prevent Pet Matting
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Pet matting happens when their coat creates densely tangled or twisted clumps of fur. Without proper and frequent brushing, the hair can wrap around itself, including loose dead and live fur (imagine a Brillo pad!).

Matted fur makes it uncomfortable for your pet to lay down, sit or even walk. The tightness of the matts can pull on the skin leading to mild to extreme pain. Even the pet’s efforts at grooming will be ineffective and painful.

With matted fur, brushing can become extremely painful and even cause severe injury to the pet’s skin because of the tight entanglement with live fur. If matting is left unaddressed for too long, the only humane solution may be to shave the entire coat.

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Matting also leads to other health conditions and issues. Keep reading to learn more.

Matting: The Negative Side Effects

Not only can matting be uncomfortable and painful for our pets, but matting can also:

  • Cut off the blood supply to the extremities.
  • Prevent regular air circulation to the skin.
  • Cause the underlying skin to become irritated and discolored potentially leading to open sores emitting foul odors.
  • Contain your pet’s stool.
  • Contain fly and other pest larvae.
Brown and White Cat Being Groomer
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Once matting has occurred, you may need the help of a well-experienced groomer to effectively address the matted hair in the safest way possible for your pet. Depending on the coat’s overall condition, dematting may be done. Or in the worst case, the pet’s entire coat may have to be shaved. If shaving is necessary, only use the services of a professional groomer to prevent your pet’s skin from unnecessary cuts and pain.

Dematting Your Pet

Ensure your groomer is experienced to handle matts safely and comfortably with lots of patience to guarantee your pet’s ultimate protection and comfort. Inexperienced groomers or large box groomers may be unwilling to take the extra time necessary to dematt and brush out small sections of hair at a time.

Keeping Your Long-Haired Cat Free From Matting: 9 Tips

Dematting or Deshedding?

  • Deshedding removes loose, dead hair.
  • Dematting removes matted portions that are:
    • Knotted.
    • Tangled.
    • Twisted.
The EquiGroomer Tool is Effective against Matting!
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THE Way to Prevent Pet Matting!

There is one simple, yet highly effective way to prevent matting in your family pets.

Frequent and proper brushing and/or combing of their coat! Gently brush down to the skin to properly groom all layers of the coat to prevent future matting.

Blue EquiGroomer Tool
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The EquiGroomer design removes pet hair without pulling,
discomfort or damage to their coat or skin.

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Keep in mind, pets with long or curly hair will require more frequent attention when it comes to grooming. Develop a regular brushing routine early on with your cat or dog. If you cannot commit to regular brushing, have them groomed by a professional groomer every 4-6 weeks.

Your pet will thank you!

Siamese Cat Shedding on Green Grass
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EquiGroomer grooming tools are easy-to-use and comfortable for both you and your pet.

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