While the world still struggles to deal with COVID-19, there is also confusion and concern about our companion animals and coronavirus; including our equine friends.

Can horses catch coronavirus? The short answer is yes … and no! DO NOT PANIC, take a deep breath and keep reading for some good news!

Can Horses Catch Coronavirus? Yes.

There’s NO need to panic even though horses can become infected with a form of coronavirus and that is the critical distinction!

Coronavirus or COVID-19BUT … equine coronavirus (also known as Equine Enteric Coronavirus and ECoV) is “host-specific” and there is no evidence that it can be spread outside the species (or to humans).

Again, the COVID-19 virus the world is fighting is NOT the same strain of coronavirus that can infect horses; they are two distinctly different diseases according to the Palm Beach Equine Clinic and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). 

Can My Horse Infect Me with Coronavirus?

Happily, this answer is a simple and emphatic NO! And vice versa, your horse cannot get human coronavirus!

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What Is Equine Coronavirus?

Equine coronavirus is a gastrointestinal – enteric – disease in horses (unlike the human coronavirus that causes respiratory issues and worse). ECoV is transmitted when an infected horse’s manure is ingested by another horse (fecal-oral transmission) or when a horse makes oral contact with items or surfaces contaminated with infected manure.


Equine Coronavirus in horses and foals is more flu-like. Even better, the frequency of ECoV is low – even rare – since 2010. This has also been validated by Dr. Nicola Pusterla, an equine infectious disease expert.

Common symptoms of ECoV infection are typically mild and include:

  • Anorexia, lack of appetite Horse Laying Down in a Pasture
  • Lethargy
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Laying down frequently
  • Elevated rectal temperature
  • Fever
  • Colic or diarrhea (only in 15-20% of infected horses)

Diagnosis is done with a simple fecal test.

Listen to the Podcast: Dr. Nicola Pusterla on Equine Coronavirus

Now that you know the facts about coronavirus and your horse, you can rest easy!

For suggestions on learning mindfulness from your pet to counter coronavirus, click here!

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It’s certainly a difficult and unusual time with the coronavirus. Especially for those with pets who require regular grooming.  Even with groomers closed, you need to groom your pet regularly during coronavirus!

Despite the current state of the world, our pets need their overall well-beingConsistent Grooming is Essential During Coronavirus for You and Your Pets attended to on a regular, daily basis. In this unprecedented time, our pet’s health is equally as important as our own! Our pets rely upon us daily to protect them and ensure their best health and quality of life. Also, during all the uncertainty, we need our beloved pets even more for their infinite love, support and companionship while we all self-quarantine.

Since many groomers have been ordered to close as “non-essential” businesses, dogs, cats and even rabbits still need to be groomed on a regular, consistent basis for their overall comfort and health.

Consistent pet grooming involves 10 essential basics for ensuring physical and mental benefits. Click here to read/review our previous post.

No matter what is going on around us, regular brushing is an essential part of your pet’s overall hygiene, health, comfort and happiness. Our EquiGroomer grooming tools make the experience easier, comfortable and stress-free!

Regular Grooming Is Always Appropriate

Grooming Your Pet Also Benefits Your Stress With Coronavirus!By keeping up with your pet’s regular grooming, you can keep your pet’s coat in good shape, without painful matting, burrs and/or allergens. You can also address any potential health issues before they require a potentially stressful visit to your veterinarian during the shelter-in-place mandates.

By keeping up with your pet’s regular grooming, you can keep your pet’s coat in good shape, without painful matting, burrs and/or allergens. You can also address any potential health issues before they require a potentially stressful visit to your veterinarian during the shelter-in-place mandates.

Brushing Your Pet Benefits You Too!

With all the uncertainty and “unknowns,” many of us may be feeling additional stress along with the loss of control. Brushing your pet every day helps not only relax your pet, but it’s also priceless when it comes to naturally reducing your own stress. By grooming your pet regularly during coronavirus, you will strengthen the bond between you and your precious pet.

Can Your Pet Get or Transmit Coronavirus?

There’s been a lot of rumors and misinformation about the coronavirus andCOVID-19 is Not Related to any Pet Coronavirus! our domestic pets. So, we’d like to take a quick moment and address what you need to know.

  • While there IS a “coronavirus” for canines (called CCV or canine respiratory coronavirus) and felines (feline coronavirus), the current COVID-19 virus strain is not connected in any way.
  • The WHO, CDC, AVMA and AKC all agree there is no imminent threat from our pets for transmitting the Coronavirus. Please do not abandon your pet!
  • Even petting a dog’s fur is considered low risk according to the AVMA, because the virus survives best on smooth surfaces.
  • Your pet does not need a face mask for protection.
  • Groom your pet regularly during coronavirus to eliminate any chance of the virus being on your pet’s coat and to maintain the best possible hygiene in your home.

Coronavirus Update on Pets Video

For further information, watch the “COVID-19 Update on Pets” video with Rodney Habib, Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Sarah Caddy of the University of Cambridge.

DIY: Pet-Safe & Natural Sanitizers

With the ongoing shortages of commercial sanitizers, make your own pet-safe products with the video below from Dr. Andrew Jones!

Use Pet-Safe and Natural Sanitizers During Coronavirus


Veterinarian Andrew Jones’ DIY Pet Safe Natural Soap, Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant



As we all move through this uncertain time together, stay safe, healthy and positive!

Equigroomer Tools Makes Pet Grooming Easier!

The EquiGroomer tools offer easy and pain-free brushing with NO pulling or damage to your pet’s topcoat or skin.

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