10-Piece Dog Groomer Starter Kit

EquiGroomer Groomer's 10-piece kit

Includes eight (8) 5-inch EquiGroomers (one in every color) and two (2) 5-inch WaterWisk Pet Squeegees.


2 reviews for 10-Piece Dog Groomer’s Starter Kit

  1. Ann Pruitt

    I have to say I just used EquiGroomer on my horses (2) and 3 of my 8 dogs– boy was I impressed. The pile of dead hair was amazing– the coats, are soft, glossy and the size was just perfect for my hands. My horses and dogs really seemed to enjoy it too! Super easy to use, love the colors too. Also the WaterWisk was GREAT. I tried it at the end when giving both the horses and dogs a bath. No hesitation to go over legs and boney areas– just a joy to use. Great job on these amazing products Cheryl!

  2. Amanda Gomes (verified owner)

    I’m a professional pet groomer. I love the EquiGroomer! It’s wonderful on shedding dogs, whether they are short hair or double coated. It also works wonderful on cats. Takes out all the dead undercoat without damaging the top coat. And it’s also amazing for horses! I recommend it all the time to other groomers and pet parents.

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