Your Horse’s Spring Shedding: What You Need to Know


Consistent Equine Grooming Is Critical for Your Horse’s Health!

Maintaining a regular grooming routine year-round helps ensure proper shedding and new hair growth!

Check out our 20-Piece Equine Tack Shop Start Kit to make grooming your horse easier, faster and more comfortable!

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Did You Know?

Anatolian Shepherds Have Extra Dew Claws

ALL dogs are born with dew claws on their front legs. But some K9 breeds also have REAR dew claws!

Learn about the breeds who have an extra set of dew claws below under “Breed Focus!” 

Breed Focus

Great Pyrenees Have Extra Dew Claws

K9 breeds who have rear dew claws also share 3 other common traits:

Large to Giant Breeds

Working Breeds

From snowy, mountainous regions


Great Pyrenean Mountain Dog: Descended from historical European dog breeds and used for guarding sheep and livestock

Saint Bernard: Mountain rescue dogs from Switzerland

Beauceron: French working breed for herding and guarding livestock

Briard: French working breed for herding and guarding sheep

Anatolian Shepherd Dog: Known as the Turkish Mountain Dog

Catalan Sheepdog: Spanish working breed for herding and guarding sheep

Estrela Mountain Dog: Also known as the Portuguese Shepherd Dog for guarding and watchdogs for farms and homes

Extra Dew Claws Are Also Found on French Briard Dogs

The Secret Behind the EquiGroomer's Success

5-inch EquiGroomer

The EquiGroomer is a simple tool that gently removes loose hair and dander from your pet’s coat leaving it incredibly soft, smooth and shiny. The blade’s teeth incorporate tiny barbs that only grab the scaly, dry and loose hair so there’s no pulling, discomfort or damage to the skin or coat.

The teeth are extremely short so they never touch the skin regardless of the animal’s coat type. The blade only grabs the dry, scaly hair leaving the healthy hair behind. Daily use actually improves the quality of your pet’s coat.

The EquiGroomer’s solid wood handle is coated with a tough lacquer finish that easily wipes clean. The hardened steel blade is coated with a protective coating to help prolong its life.

The EquiGroomer is perfect for animals with sensitive skin or those who hate being groomed. They’ll just think they’re being petted which will leave you both feeling good!

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